Our Panel Proficiency coaching program is for individuals who want to improve their ability to present effectively on a panel as a subject matter expert or general contributor.

Through this program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand your role on the panel and know how to be prepared
  • Avoid over-preparing on irrelevant issues Keep to time
  • Package information in digestible amounts
  • Answer questions succinctly
  • Stay on track
  • Answer questions clearly
  • Show humility
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere
  • Interact spontaneously with the audience

Value Adds

All clients who undertake our leadership or public speaking coaching programs will also benefit from specialised coaching journal, relevant resources, support materials, ongoing phone and email support plus our weekly leadership tips delivered to your inbox.

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"Ricky's advice was a series of thoughtful rhetorical questions.  I found myself rehearsing thirty second pitches suitable for any opportunity and audience. When the critical pitch was delivered I felt calm and well prepared.  The critical investment was secured.  I would strongly recommend Ricky's advice to anyone making the transition I have begun."

Laboratory Head, Immunology | Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

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