Our Facilitation Finesse coaching program is for those who want to learn how to effectively facilitate group sessions with finesse and less stress! This program offers facilitation speaking tips for maximum impact and results, and create a more diverse and interactive experience; as well as improved message delivery at meetings, conferences, panels, group sessions, and other similar events.

You will be coached on what and how to make an outstanding facilitating experience, how to create interactive activities for people to enjoy, how to manage different kinds of groups, how to manage situations and time, all the while building a great environment for the audience, and so much more.

This program includes four (4) one hour of customised one-on-one interactive Specialty Speaking coaching sessions, including resources worth $250.

Through this program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build and keep your energy and that of the audience
  • Arrange environments to suit different needs and objectives
  • Prepare audiences so they know what to expect before you even begin
  • Manage small and large groups
  • Create interesting segues between content and motion
  • Provide an outstanding facilitation experience for an audience or team

"I have benefitted from both structured and unstructured discussions around my public speaking which test and provoke my thinking; Ricky is a great source of ideas and inspiration and has had a positive impact on improving my communication across the entire organisation."

CEO | Ridley Corporation

"I found Ricky to be exceptional in coaching me in public speaking."

Department Head | Monash University

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All clients who undertake our leadership or public speaking coaching programs will also benefit from specialised coaching journal, relevant resources, support materials, ongoing phone and email support plus our weekly leadership tips delivered to your inbox.

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