Ricky believes ‘Leadership is Individual’. In all our practices whether in coaching, training or facilitating we support individuals to improve their business and professional outcomes utilising a proprietary performance-based theatrical methodology that engages clients socially, emotionally and intellectually. We use a strong feedback system that gathers information over time and assesses the impact of changes by continuously auditing the development of the coachee in relation to their whole team and business. In this way I can help them imagine a different future – one that will be highly collaborative and overcome roadblocks around age, gender, ethnicity, change and diversity.

To do this she immerses herself in her clients’ business cultures to witness firsthand their challenges and validate or challenge their perceptions on an ongoing basis.  So together we can create scenarios based on real time experience and help clients refine and rehearse their language, behaviour and response to ongoing issues so they refine their skills and communication.

"Working with Ricky has changed me incredibly. Ricky has pushed and challenged me over the past six months and I have become so much more self-aware and confident in dealing with the challenges that I face."

CEO | Goulburn Valley Health

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