Manager to Leader Coaching is designed to give practical and straightforward direction and support to people who want to elevate their level from manager to leader and become a leader with greater confidence, explicit competence, and emotional intelligence. We can help you develop optimal communication techniques to suit working with different personalities and styles and learn how to build trust, reputation, and respect.

Learn how to develop a leader’s mindset to improve not only your own productivity, but also the productivity of your team and the efficiency of your processes. With the help of this transformational coaching, you can identify practical strategies for working through key areas of transition and make your way from a functional role to an implementation role.

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All clients who undertake our leadership coaching programs will also benefit from a specialised coaching journal, relevant resources and support materials plus weekly leadership tips. Participants of our programs will also benefit from our Leadership Development Assessment Tools

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Ricky Nowak uses a range of tools to pinpoint personal developmental needs, which makes it easier to align these with organsational and personal developmental solutions.
We use a wonderful range of assessment tools in order to fully conduct measures regarding leadership development. Each of these tools support individuals and teams to be effective and successful. Find out more

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"Your coaching work with one of my key operational leaders has transformed his level of effectiveness in an extremely high pressure role. He has developed skills and applied the tools to enable him to step back and empower his people to do the heavy lifting. This has freed him up to work on the business and support his team more effectively. The impact on his team has been transformational! The change has also been noticed by our customers."

General Manager | MTU Detroit Diesel Australia

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