Individual Leadership Coaching is designed for busy executives, business leaders and business owners who are juggling their time with competing short and long-term priorities. This program takes a confidential and personalised approach, so that you can focus on your goals and tasks with minimal issue, interruption, and distraction.

Through this leadership training, learn how to improve your leadership skills, as well as prioritise and take responsibility for what you need to do.

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All clients who undertake our leadership coaching programs will also benefit from a specialised coaching journal, relevant resources and support materials plus weekly leadership tips. Participants of our programs will also benefit from our Leadership Development Assessment Tools

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Ricky Nowak uses a range of tools to pinpoint personal developmental needs, which makes it easier to align these with organsational and personal developmental solutions.
We use a wonderful range of assessment tools in order to fully conduct measures regarding leadership development. Each of these tools support individuals and teams to be effective and successful. Find out more

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"Ricky Nowak is one of the most dynamic leadership consultants I have ever used. After personally working at a major Business School and using other consultancies, Ricky certainly stands out among the pack. With the ability to get the best out of people and link this with your business objectives, Ricky can help take your business (large or small) to the next level."

Marketing Director and Author | Modern Day Press

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