Future Leader Coaching is intended for promising talents who are preparing to take the next step in their career. This leadership development program requires the full commitment of participant who really want to make a positive and active contribution to the business, to the rest of the staff, and to the clients, and report back with favourable results.

Develop a personalised program based on your custom selection of relevant topics to suit your individual needs and objectives, as well as improve your leadership skills.

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All clients who undertake our leadership coaching programs will also benefit from a specialised coaching journal, relevant resources and support materials plus weekly leadership tips. Participants of our programs will also benefit from our Leadership Development Assessment Tools

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Ricky Nowak uses a range of tools to pinpoint personal developmental needs, which makes it easier to align these with organsational and personal developmental solutions.
We use a wonderful range of assessment tools in order to fully conduct measures regarding leadership development. Each of these tools support individuals and teams to be effective and successful. Find out more

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"I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools to succeed. Thanks to you I was given Employee of the year Award from InsuranceLine."

Senior Business Manager | InsuranceLine

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